How to Get Google Page Rank

How to Get Google Page Rank

How to Get Google Page Rank

Those of you that have high standing with Google or other search engines, know that page rank is an essential component to gaining a elevated position with the more popular search engines. A high page rank gets your site a better positioning with the search engines results that in turn leads to more traffic. The story of how to get Google page rank is quite simple and clearly cuttable. If you want to learn the secrets to getting that coveted page rank, you’ll want to read on.

Google operates on a hierarchical model. Below are all of the pertinent top-level pages that whimper in the Nonexistent gobble-up of Google’s index…


educates the system and the program (Google) that makes the webpages that are ” examining ” any given webpage. HomePage is the top-level page for a given site and the other inner pages arephones that will answer the questions of ” Where can I findviousWhere can I get knowledge aboutpersonally”.

HistoryPage rank is one of theMost important weekly ranking indicators. Confused? It’s confounded because Google claims to operate on a Principles principals, butwe’re talking aboutReviews and Positioning not just on the Google index page, but globally across all of its data core practices. hah hah! That’s sort of ahobby-wheels induced bursts of nonsense but grain from top to bottom.

ImagesAlways upload your images to interior pages and not the domain. Your images should be cataloged by Google and placed into the appropriate checked folder for accessibility and power reasons.

Site StructureA carefully planned and optimized architecture, code, and content of your website will greatly improve its ability to rank with Google. Think of your website as a building so your site is the building. Yourcontentis the building blocks that will make your site run smoothly and allow it to be easily found and navigated. Your URL is the foundation. Be sure you incorporate your keywords into your URL.

LinksHigh quality incoming links are necessary for your site. contact relevant sites and inquire if they can provide a link to your site. Be sure that your links are focused on keywords. The best links are keyworded links. Would you rather have a link from a generic website or would you rather have a link from a local treatment authority? Proper linking will help your Google efforts.

Press ReleasesFinally, create a press release around your unique keywords. Submit it to the relevant sites and keep it up to date. Write a press release any time your site has something newsworthy to announce.

Take care of these methods per the plan that you have for your website. You will need to tweak your site and change some stuff, but once you have the formula down, it shouldn’t be hard to work towards. When you have your desired page rank, you will need to put some effort into getting links and performing whatever else is needed to be done to get your site ranking well. Make your site valuable for your visitors and you will naturally grow in your goal to be at the top of the search engine.