Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing – How fun would it be?

Have you ever heard of Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing? Laird Hamilton and his crew flew to Portugal to ride the massive waves at Nazaré on hydrofoil surfboards.


Hamilton and his mates were met by ideal foil surfing settings.

There were several smooth and large waves moving from the skyline and approaching like railways at commute hours.

“The nice thing about the hydrofoil is that it expands options and areas that would not ordinarily be considered,” Laird Hamilton himself said. 

The New Nazaré Spot and Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing 

The innovator of foil surfing discovered a new place at Praia do Norte and that enthusiastic person was Laird Hamilton. 


“It was a new kind of surge. It was a surge you really shouldn’t glance at even if you’re a foiler since it was too rapid and you wouldn’t be capable of making it or grabbing it as immediately.”


“We had a wonderful day proving what the foil should bring.”


So that’s a place – at least for us.”


What made Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing much more interesting?

Laird Hamilton, 56, had gone from Hawaii to Portugal, a distance of over 8,000 kilometers, to prove his worth. Luckily, the direction of the wave and the circumstances were ideal on that specific occasion.


He told that he awoke in the morning to see this monstrosity moving out to sea. The cliff was on the left. However, they kept on heading out there, and the thing was incredible, to say the least. 


Keep in mind it takes a great deal of practice and expertise to pull it off. 


We can say that Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing was a very miraculous experience and a wonderful event that changed the way people think about foil surfing. They managed to move on the liquid surface because they were very experienced and they had done a lot of practice. Fortune was also in their support so they did not end up with any kind of disappointments. 


One of the team members told the media that they were not expecting anything positive so there were no disappointments. Only positive things happened.


Foil Surfing: A Yet-to-Be-Mastered Tool

From the Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing experiences, we come to know that they assume that the right time to ride the huge wave will come naturally – you can’t push it or bring it closer. So foil surfing always remains a tool that can never be mastered completely. 


So whatever happened during the Laird Hamilton Foil Surfing experience was mainly luck. 

The fact is that the waves arrived and, after a few moments, they were able to surf them “the main event It felt like I was at home on a big day in Hawaii.” 


The idea was to put oneself in a stronger and more pivotal position, jump on the wave as soon as possible, and eventually enjoy a lengthier and larger one.


“A renowned Hawaiian waterman, Brian Keaulana, who is more like a Hawaiian King, once said: ‘don’t define me by my tools,'” Hamilton writes.


The core of the discussion is that Laird Hamilton himself was in the view that everything that had happened was supported by nature. If they had not been supported by the natural laws, they may have ended up with disappointments. So Laird Hamilton’s foil surfing experience is largely supported by nature. 

What are the personal views of Laird Hamilton about his foil surfing experiences? 

Laird Hamilton is one of those export people who kept surfing for their whole lives. He thinks that foiling is surfing. He also has a lot of expertise in different surfing areas such as body surfing, boogie boarding, foiling, etc. All these are the parts of surfing. However, he always thought that having control over the personality including physical and mental body is the most important thing in succeeding any surfing experience, especially foil surfing. This control had also helped him. He also trained himself hard, managed to sleep early, ate good food, and tried his best to be a better person overall. 


In a nutshell, we can say that the Laird Hamilton foil surfing experience was one of the most interesting and exciting occasions in the field of surfing. The reason why nature supported him so immensely is that he was quite a determined person who managed to travel a lot to make his dream of foil surfing come true. Laird Hamilton foil surfing adventure is the beacon of light for all those surfing enthusiasts who are planning for amazing experiences. 


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